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You have to clean the firepot too often to be practical. Rhino equipment is used in agricultural, commercial, industrial mowing applications, landscape preparation, roadside I have a tedder attachment for my reese mower. As soon as the water level had covered the top of the concrete base by about 2 inches (5 cm), we shut off the water to the elbowed pipe, and let the concrete set. Add ballast weights for larger Disc Mowers with mounting brackets. Lonnie is a retired factory employee and a lay minister. Search for used disc mower caddy. A haybine or swather, either pulled by a tractor or a self-powered unit, combines the mower with a reel that stands grass up for the cutter, a conditioner that crushes the stems so the hay will dry faster, and a windrower, which can be set to leave the cut hay in windrows or spread out. Around here we call it a tumblebug. Kubota tedders feature everything you need to get the job done in an efficient manner. In building your own lawn mower cart, the rectangular frame underneath the DIY wagon needs to be strong, as it will comprise a majority of the foundation. MDX41 (Econ) MDX41 rotary disc mower has an 7 ft 11 in cutting width, 6 oval cutting discs and a 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline. We have agricultural equipment parts for a wide range of brand-name farm implements. Permanently lubricated mower bar. Optimized tunnel effect. Square balers are typically offset or directly behind the tractor. The water will also help keep the concrete from shrinking away from the rubber. Tractor Mower Lawn Mower Skid Steer Attachments Utility Tractor Mower Parts Tractor Implements Kubota Wheelbarrow Welding Projects Find an amazing selection of farm & agricultural supplies, tractor & mower parts, cast iron, essentials for home, lawn, garden, cooking & more at Agri Supply. It's a good idea to wait until about 11 a. Drive around the perimeter of the field a few times until there is enough room to turn the tractor and mower around on the headlands. The other variable to consider is size, choosing a tedder that aligns with your mower and gives you the spread you want. Have also seen some cleverly made hay spikes on trailer axles that could be pulled with a riding mower, atv, etc. Workshop and Tools The Farmer's Workshop Running the Grindstone A Homemade Anvil Making a New Tool How to Make a Shaving Horse A Convenient Farm Horse A Wire Splicer Serviceable Homemade Level Partially decomposed leaves are rich in minerals, buffer soil pH, and can be used as a substitute for peat moss when amending garden and potting soil. Tedding. Building and using a hand hay baler as demonstrated in the video above can be a great tool to have around the home; it can be used for baling pine-straw, leaves and grass. Round bales require a tractor that will make a tight bale with a solid core, and round balers have closely spaced teeth that will prevent leaf loss and preserve hay nutrients. Bars moving it back and forth and up and down pushed the hay up the slanting frame (later, metal) until the hay dropped over the edge into the hayrack. The top of a wire rabbit run would be great if the weather is a bit drier. Jim There are many drag-behind attachments that you can buy for your riding mower but they are cost prohibitive. Conditioner-Mowers. Results 1 - 30 of 66 Vermeer specially designed hay tedders to turn cut hay so that it dries more evenly. Dual-bearing tower design. Construction of a round hay bale feeder will require power tools. Basics of Making Hay. Not sure what a HM actually is. Kubota DM Series. Contents by Chapters. Damaged hay. The mower threw the chopped hay out the side of it in a fine layer. Afterward drive through the meadow or hire an assistant to complete the process of cutting the Grass. Cut hay at the right time: This is one of those objective points, but is really the most important. A tractor mower is great if Both varieties of mowers are  KUHN has been the unrivalled leader in hay-making equipment for more than 40 years. Once the baler has been packed as full as possible with hay, using your feet to stomp it in tightly, remove the twine from the screws, slip each of the loose ends through its corresponding loop, pull it tight, and knot it securely. This is the point when the The Disc Mower Caddy makes mower hook up easier when it's time to mow. Mower-conditioners have a width between 7 and 9 feet. To make hay, the forage has to be mowed, allowed to dry and then baled. SAFETY LINK safety modules. $13,926*. Watch out for the tree limbs that often hang over a field around its perimeter. Allow the blades to do the cutting and do not rush the process. If you are sick of raking leaves but you do not want to spend the money for a lawnmower attachment, you can build a drag-behind leaf rake easily and inexpensively. Build the frame of the hay feeder. Making Hay While the Sun Shines. Lonnie and Betty Fast have been in a cow/calf farming operation on their 50 acre farm in North Central West Virginia since 1967. Before you start to build your barn, you’ll need to find the perfect location. Betty is an RN and massage therapist. There are many drag-behind attachments that you can buy for your riding mower but they are cost prohibitive. Innovative screw concept for maximum bending and shape stability. Next the hay passes through adjustable grooved steel and/or rubber rollers which crimp the hay (breaking open some of the fluid conducting vessels of the plants) to reduce the field drying time from about 3 days to about 1 day. Disc Mowers. Rakes gather and roll the partially dry hay into a windrow, allowing the underside of the hay to dry. The limbs can also be home to spiders, hornets and bees. It works good for thin hay. Power baling. ), the crimper hasn't been used in 30 odd years. Vermeer offers more options, so you can find the hay tedder that fits your operation. Rotary disc mowers have a good turning radius and come in models that will mow swaths from 6 feet up to 10 to 16 feet. It also allows the baler to efficiently pick up the crop for harvest. Trash can coverted into a slow feeder. Mower bed stamped from a single piece. Then you can sort of drape each length of twine loosely in place in the baler, with a couple of wraps around each of the opposite screw heads to keep them in place. World leader in the field of agricultural machinery including agricultural tractors, combines, grape harvesters, hay balers & much more Menu Equipment Rhino ® is a leader in the agricultural equipment industry with emphasis on tractor mounted rotary cutters, flail grass mowers, rear blades, post hole diggers, finish mowers, rotary tillers, boom cutters, and landscape rakes. There are three types of hay rakes: parallel bar, rotary and wheel. Mowing presented me  17 Jan 2011 Using a mower-conditioner has also been shown to reduce soil An important tip: make sure the rolls are straight across the entire width. It produces a 21 by 23-in. Hesston has been known as the hay and forage innovator since 1955, when the company developed the first commercially available self-propelled windrower. You can go as fast as field conditions allow. on heavy hay I do not use it. They are in order of process: mowing, tedding, raking, baling, and loading, hauling, and unloading. A wider swath will dry faster, because more drying area of the hay is exposed to sun and wind. The process of making hay sounds quite simple but in reality it is not. I will reiterate some of these statements in step 1 because it is important to know what you want in a pole barn. I’m sure there are hay producers who still prefer the sickle bar mower, and they do have some distinct advantages over a disc mower. HayTools. Here is how we did it: What We Wanted in a Pole Barn. The rotary tedder is an essential piece of equipment for farmers serious about the quality of their hay. Solar radiation cannot penetrate very deep into the swath. Simply flip a switch, and the trailer lays down to load. Mow along the edges of the field, creating a rough rectangle. Several types of machines can be used for this process, such as sickle bar mowers, mower-conditioners, disk mowers, and disk mower –conditioners. So I used half lap joints to secure the corners of the frame (see my mailbox post where I used a center lap joint). 4M CUT). Set cutting height with manual turnbuckle. Out of it all, we trust our readers will make progress toward greater prosperity, greater happiness and greater usefulness. Inspect the hay condition first to set the width of your rake. You could also use a covered deck, greenhouse, shed with windows etc. When thunderstorms are building to the west and the hay rake breaks and needs welding, it gets stressful. 2. Getting silage from a silo - put grass, hay or chaff (you can get it only by using a special combine) in a silo. A sickle bar mower has a lower price tag and requires less power per foot of cut. New drive concept. Large bales come in two types, round and square. Mowing Equipment. Make Hay in 4 Days or Less •Day 2 –Pivotal day as this establishes if hay is made on Day 3 or Day 4 –Drying stubble area is likely moist, so let it dry before tedding hay on to this area –Set tedder teeth level, not close to soil level to avoid ripping out plants, dirt and rocks –Plan to tedd two or three times this day Tedder talks: what you need to know about hay tedding. Nitrogen rich green materials such as manure, vegetable wastes and green plant prunings can also be shredded. You need an area large enough to hold your barn. Hay Making Equipment For Small Tractor Until now we've relied on local farmers to make our hay for us, in return for half the harvest. Before you shop for equipment, make sure you know the specifications of your Hay mowers come in all shapes and sizes, from mini sickle bar mowers to the  Bush Hog's latest edition of Hay Mowers includes 4 models with mowing widths ranging from 7 to 10 feet to meet the hay production requirements of today's  When making hay with a single horse, turning and tedding the hay as described in part one of this series were definitely the easy part. Making Hay Step 3: Drying the Grass. However, purchasing hay-growing equipment-- at a minimum you'll need a tractor, mower, hay rake and baler-- is costly and will likely prevent you from earning a profit your first year or two in business. When cutting the Grass, attach a Mower to your tractor and activate the Mower by lowering it to the ground. Kubota's range of FarmLine and ProLine tedders have proven to be capable in all types of crops and conditions. First the hay is cut with the same kind of cutter bar and teeth used by the old mower. Dealer New VIC. Delays in harvest due to broken parts or inadequate equipment can result in a late harvest or improperly dried hay. Rotary lawn mowers can also be used by for shredding leaves by running the mower back and forth over a pile a few times although this method is not quite as good as using a shredder. Fast Hay Movers Inc. bale that weighs 40 to 55 lbs. If a cabless tractor is being used, the sickle bar mower is probably a much safer option. The mowers and mower-conditioners from Case IH, Lely and Macdon providing you the best  Hay Making Flail Mowers · Power Harrows · Other · Parts and Supplies · Ibex Parts · Abbriata Parts · Caroni Parts · DCM Parts · Del Morino Parts · Molon Parts   Mowing hay is a little like cutting your lawn but on a much bigger scale! Mechanizing the farm: Part 1 of 3 in a series exploring a history of mowers and Up to the late 18th century, the process of making hay remained essentially  Dan Crick needed a hay windrowing machine with a lot of capacity. This approach will generally cost you a minimum of about $8,000 for a new, small-scale hay baler to something less than $20,000 depending on the type. Because when hay burns at high temps the ashes fuse into clinkers. to rake hay, after dew has dried and the sun is near its peak. Sickle mower One of the earliest methods of mechanically mowing hay was the sickle mower. challenger-1383-disc-mower-conditioner-landing · Challenger 1300 Series Disc Mower Conditioners . Large square bales, which can weigh up to 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb), can be stacked and are easier to transport on trucks. This is our smallest drum mower and is designed for subcompact tractors. Other industry firsts have included the first hydrostatic windrower, the first center-pivot mower-conditioner and the first big square baler—which had nearly 50 individual patents of its own. The advantage of having these two sets of rakes side by side, is that with long grass the near side cannot steal hay from the offside swath, as can happen with the horse drawn models, but the extra weight and gearing means it is heavier to pull. Also, you’d prefer for it to be flat so it makes it much easier to build and keep things level. The basic construction is solid welded, tubular combination of 7” x 7”, 4” x 7” and 3” x 6” with the left side (off side from mower) 7” x 7” weighted for counter balance to provide safer use and transport. We have a trailing mower and crimper, but while the mower will get used occasionally each summer (roadsides, etc. Disc mowers are fast, efficient, and dependable and are available in a wide range of cutting widths, so they’re perfect for both large and small hay operations. Converting Grass to Hay. They can be placed directly on the garden, or composted for up to a year before use. Several hundred pounds of unnecessary dead weight on the front of your tractor can make it feel sluggish and less agile, so installing a HEAVY GRAPPLE just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! The Incredibly Strong Wicked Root Grapples are designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your loader without sacrificing strength and durability! Farmers who need to make large amounts of hay are likely to choose balers which produce much larger bales, maximizing the amount of hay which is protected from the elements. Begin to drive forward and lower the mower to the ground at the same time. We use a hay spike mounted on an old "farm use only" F350, with a winch to raise and lower. Level the caddy to fit your tractor with adjustable height clevis. For dairy producers this means the bud stage of alfalfa (or boot stage of grass), but for beef producers, top yield with adequate quality comes just slightly later, at early bloom or very early heading. Hay Mower. Can also use a come-along instead of a winch to keep the cost down. Make your new John Deere hay equipment your own by building and customizing it with dozens of options, attachments, and accessories. , depending on hay moisture and how tight you roll the bale. Silage can be obtained in two ways: by keeping it in a covered silo or by wrapping a grass or hay bale. Buy with confidence with our IronClad Assurance®. Enquire  O'Connors offer a large range of Hay and Silage making products. To get the most out of your hay make sure you are cutting at the right time, cut later in the day to get a higher nutrient content, use a disc mower for quality Buy used Balers / Hay Equipment on-site or online from Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Vermeer, Case IH, John Deere. “Once a farm moves out of hay,” he says, “it’s a major decision to return to hay. Here's a device that can make hauling hay on the homestead a simple operation. This same rule applies to tractor lowered sickle mower bars. Drive Away. If the hay is heavy you will need to set the rake to three windrows with an eleven wheel rake. Mower-conditioners will also place the hay into windrows, which may make a rake unnecessary but could also result in a slower drying time for the hay. All you need are the right tools. A power drill will also be needed. (I use it to make hay, and at the walking travel speed of my machine,  used today is the sickle-bar mower, which uses Stookers and bale accumulators “build loads” and operations in all hay drying systems make them . Select what is best for your area and pocketbook. 14 Photos. 1. However, if the hay is wet and green you might need to reduce them. The transition will show up in the next two years and then take another three to five years to build up. Hay Tedders. The barn is built into a hillside, so the wagon can back into the upper floor where the hay is stored. If you own land well-suited for hay production, consider one main obstacle removed. Hay Making with a Single Horse Part 1. Once it's raked, let the hay sit for a couple of hours before it is baled to allow more drying time. One problem with that has been trying to get them here when the weather's good; more often than not they are out doing their own. If you have an animal that needs hay during the winter months and are motivated enough; you can even plant a small patch of good quality seed to help off-set feed costs. If the tines aren’t digging into the dirt, the flotation setting is about right. a plus with a drum mower is that you can use it to cut heavy grass and small trees with no problem . Some mowers even allow you to work in the vertical position for trimming hedges or trail edges. is owned and operated by Lonnie Fast and his wife Betty. Can protect an entire bale of hay from rain and seems like a pretty easy DIY project. I would go with a 7' mower. Unlike with making haylage, the best machine to use to cut a crop with is a swather, not a hay mower. A track runs the length of the peak of the barn roof and a large claw for moving the hay runs on the track. Here is my grass all laid out ready to dry. Commercially available leaf shredders may be expensive, but a lawn mower can be converted into a DIY substitute. You operate a small farm, own a compact tractor and have decided you want to make your own hay. Compare. University of Wisconsin research indicates that a 12 foot haybine laid into a 9 foot swath will reduce drying time by 35% versus a 6 foot swath. 15 Mar 2015 The goal of haymaking is to capture the nutrients in grass in a storable form to make them available as a forage feed in the winter months. another great idea! Keeps hay dry and clean, maybe use left over fencing, rubber made tote and a few cinder blocks to keep it off the floor? If you want to produce junk hay then use the Rotary Mower, if you want to produce a quality hay that will contain more nutrients for your livestock then use a mower designed to harvest forages like a sickle bar mower, disc mower, or a Mower Conditioner. The basis for our love-cost baler is a 55-gallon drum, modified as follows (see image gallery for hay baler illustration): Remove one end of the barrel. We have hay bale sleeves, also known as bale spear bushings, as well to fit all sorts of farm implements. I believe the hardest thing with a disc mower is hooking up to the 3 point of the tractor. In addition to scarcity—and its offspring, price—many producers bale their own for reasons of quality. Every year, someone’s barn burns down because of spontaneous combustion of wet hay. Takes a little longer to dry hay, but if you ever want to sell or feed what you cut, livestock prefer mowed hay over conditioned hay. Hay is low to the ground, feed slow, moveable, lid, attach to wall. Gus Swanson says his new hay pellet burning stove and hot water boiler will solve the problem. As a gag, I removed the back mower and replaced it with a big square baler to make it look  A newer machine for cutting hay is the disc-mower or discbine, which cuts with . Fully rotating knives. and requires a power unit with at least 8 1/2 hp. Step 1, Check your machinery approximately one month before you plan to start haying. Open up the mower when you arrive at the field. m. and there are old-timers and books that can describe how to build a hay-fork,  25 Mar 2013 Whether producing hay for your own use or to sell, making. In real life there are many different methods of making hay and the resultant quality can be very different. I perfer to cut then use tedder on it. Angled mowing capability. Simple in design and durable, it is easy to use and will give you years of trouble-free service. P. It is made of rugged 4 x 4 inch square tubing with a heavy pivot pin. com markets compact tractor implements: Hay Equipment, Dirt Working Equipment and Top and Tilt Systems. A saw capable of cutting 2-inch steel pipe is required. Once the baler has been packed as full as possible with hay, using your feet to stomp it in tightly, remove the twine from the screws, The basic frame provides an adjustable height clevis hitch for attaching to the tractor drawbar and a 3 point hitch for attachment of the disc mower on the rear. 5 Steps to High Quality Hay. Maybe you're constantly disappointed by the quality of hay available. Make A Wide Windrow. Set the tractor to the correct RPM. Essential to both small and large hay operations, disc mowers evolved from early horse-drawn sickle bar mowers to include hydraulics, A conditioner (or hay conditioner) is a farm implement that crimps and crushes newly cut hay to Mower-conditioners are a staple of large-scale hay making. Less motion = less dust. Sturdy bale spears are essential to moving hay around and keeping your livestock fed, and Agri Supply has the tractor equipment parts you need. Category. So if you have hay that is on the wet side, keep it outside or in a well-ventilated area. Mowing discs in forward position. Re: Hay Caddy Build Thats its, a trailer so to speak for your disc mower. Tips for handling wet hay. S. If the hay is dry, you can rake three windrows at the same time. Inventory includes drum mowers, disc mowers, sickle-bar mowers and mower/conditioners. When the weather holds and the equipment runs, making hay is a pleasure. com has small implements designed for your compact tractors. Learn more about Kubota tractors, construction equipment, mowers, utility vehicles, parts, services & more. ” DIR=DIY. Mowing, or harvesting the hay. Its mowers and mower conditioners, tedders and  Disc Mower, Wheel Rake, Tedder/Rake, Hay Cart Rake, Hay Elevator, Bale Spear, Bale Carrier, Scissor High Lift, Dual Bale Spear, Bucket Bale Spear, Online! Ferguson® complete line of hay equipment. Windrows that are wet and left to lie in the field too long will smother or even kill the plants underneath the row. Not to mention, it will be on your property permanently. I use a mulching push mower to shred hay Watch wet bales. If there are legumes, such as alfalfa and clover, in your hay field, you may need to harvest slightly earlier, when they are at 10 to 20 percent of full flower. Use Build & Price about Build & Price Find Your Local Dealer Video of the Day. Getting Started. How to make chopped straw If you do it alongside a building, or between a pair of 2x6's, you'll save on raking time. TTD sells a variety of hay mowers for the modern small farm which run on compact and subcompact tractors with as little as 15 horsepower. I have cut chain link with it, not on purpose. Make a couple of passes that establish the boundaries of your cutting pattern. Do You Pick Up a Disc Mower When Turning? - posted in Machinery: I was cutting today with our 92 Krone disc mower. When a full load of hay is brought to the barn, it must be moved into the hay mow for storage. Find a local dealer or build a custom Kubota today! How To Build A Self-Filling Livestock Water Tank. The ClearSpan Feed Storage Building and Hay Shed Advantage includes: Structures maintain feed quality; Cleaner & drier environments; Reduces condensation, mold & bacteria; Natural ventilation; Limits dry matter loss; Low maintenance & cost effective; ClearSpan can construct the best hay shed or hay storage barn for any feed storage need. Its mowing machines and tedders are world famous for their quality of  14 May 2019 Getting hay to dry to the proper dry level is improtant for quality. Crank it up and the moisture level will fall faster, but at the expense of more forage loss. Another usage for silage is to feed it to your cows. Weld two hinges, appropriately spaced, to one of the long seams. Modern sickle-type or disc-type mowers, windrowers and swathers are capable of  21 Nov 2018 A conditioner mower cuts the hay and at the same time allows it to dry Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences: Hay Making Equipment  Even in tough conditions, a genuine Discbine disc mower-conditioner swiftly turns heavy For the best in quality hay making, count on the original Haybine! Hay and Forage Tools Kuhn has been the worldwide leader in hay-making equipment for more than 40 years. Find Durabilt, Frontier, Vermeer, and Kuhn for sale on Machinio. Construction of the hay bale feeder will also require the use of a welder. The 2EZ-ONE hay trailer makes loading and hauling a single round bail easier than ever. The clinkers quickly build up in the firepot and can smother the fire in only a few hours. [1]Step 2, Cut your hay when the leaves have developed fully and the seed heads have not fully developed. You should invest in a hay temperature probe and monitor the internal temperature of the hay during the first three weeks. The baler weighs 700 lbs. At mowing, the herbage will contain between 70 and 90% of moisture, and this will . The first step in making Hay is to cut the Grass with your chosen Mower. The hay trailer makes loading and hauling a single round bail easier than ever. You can find silos near a Biogas Plant (available after purchasing). If the ground is still wet and soft when we are trying to work that hay to get it dry enough to bale, then we can cause soil compaction by repeatedly driving over the field. A turning drum in the hay loader picked up the windrow. jpg Conditioning is important for making dry hay, as the crimping allows additional moisture to leave the  I have used this machine to cut hedges, mow the roadside, cut hay and . However, this information is useful for small farm owners looking to invest in their own haying equipment. Others prefer to mow at the end of the day when the grass is drier, in an attempt to increase the energy level of the forage by capturing some of the sugars that migrate up the plant stem during the day. Introduction; Adjust the Mower-Conditioner; Make a Wide Windrow; Cut Early  2018 MINOS T-DCBM 6 ROTARY DISC MOWER (2. It'll produce a bale every 40 to 60 seconds. To my surprise, that clover was dry enough to bring in the very next day. Tractor 3 Point Hitch Scissor High Lift, Hay Lift #3F. Cut the container down the middle in half lengthwise to form two equal, semi-cylindrical halves. Workers pitched the hay to the front, building the stack higher and higher until the wagon was full. With a 45” cutting width and fast cutting speeds, this mower will outperform a sickle bar mower in the tough conditions of a hay field. A circular saw with a metal cutting blade would work, but a chop saw will make more accurate cuts. MDX31 rotary disc mower has an 6 ft 9 in cutting width, 5 oval cutting discs and a 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline. How to Build a Pole Barn. Vermeer specially designed hay tedders to turn cut hay so that it dries more evenly. Once the hay starts to dry, it needs to be worked to promote curing. Raking turns the hay one more time and forms it into rows, called windrows, for baling. Mechanized baling often allows you to get the hay in before that next storm system blows through, dropping an inch of rain along the way. You'll find rotary and hay mower parts such as hose connections, spacers and drawbar regulators. When the tedded hay is nearly dry, it's ready to rake. Pile of leaves. Calves will need a hay feeder that is lower to the ground than an adult cow, and mature cattle will need larger head stalls to access the feed. The Hesston model 1014 is introduced, making it the industry's first commercially available center-pivot mower  5 Jun 2017 tm1400-trailed-mower-verme-copy. They can cause injuries to your upper body and head. Source: Cordite Country. It easily attaches to the #3F hay spear. Where there is an overall scarcity of forage, farmers may make hay even  29 May 2015 This brief review of best cutting methods, adjustments and maintenance will help you get the best value from your mower this year. There’s no trick to achieving faster dry down and tightly rolled bales that preserve quality, shed water and transport easily. Introduction. Our fields are pretty much terraced so a field is broken down into small fields dictated by the lay of the land. Another type of mower conditioner comes with a tine or flail, and an impeller. It warms the soul like the smell of baking bread, or the scent of wood smoke on a cool morning. Page 1 of 4 - Building an Inexpensive Buildings for storage of equipment & hay - posted in Barns, Buildings, and Storage: Hay talk needs to section where people can talk about buildings, barns and hay storage. Turn on the PTO. Maybe you're tired of paying high prices for hay. The Scissor High Lift will raise a hay bale higher to load onto truck beds, field wagons or double stack in the field or barn. This type of machinery will either have rubber rolls or steels rolls which pressure the hay and crimp the hay stems, leading to cuts without any trouble. Select a category, series and model configuration to start building your new Case IH equipment. A conditioner mower cuts the hay and at the same time allows it to dry its underside. This is not a small investment, and it should be something that you use regularly. By Other News-July 24, 2014 A partial solution or even preventative measure to minimize the amount of wet hay baled is to simply use a mower/conditioner and tedder Set the hay pickup height so the pickup follows the contour of the ground at or just above the tine height setting. Bales are formed by a series of chain-driven aluminum rollers around the circumference of the bale chamber. However, you’ll also need your barn in a location that is convenient. Re: DIY Build PTO Hay Rake - Tedder Well, if I got a brushhog 5-ft mower, then a rake or tedder would be ideal to do the conditioning. Can you get a better deal baling your own hay or having a custom baler do the work for you? It all depends on your equipment costs, operating costs and what it takes to raise your crop versus what you pay for custom haying or buying hay from another producer, says University of Missouri Extension ag I buy my old guy the chopped hay from tractor supply, but at $15/bag and rising practically every time I buy it, I'm wondering if there is a way I can just chop my current hay somehow, that way I can just feed the chopped hay to the 3 of them since my fat appy seems to favor the chopped hay and always finds a way to steal it the matter what I do. Keep reliable disc mower parts from Agri Supply on hand, because those machines that mow down heavy, thick grass take lots of abuse. The sickle motion cuts like a scissors, and the faster you go, the sloppier the cut will be to the point of missing whole swaths of hay. The disc mower can also be outfitted with a crimper, which deposits the hay in a gathered swath. In the days before silage-making or such like, saving the hay was one of the on most of the bigger farms horse-drawn mowing-machines were in evidence, but  Mowers and Conditioners. If you are mowing ditch banks, sickle bars are the only hay mower style specifically designed to work well below (or above) horizontal. Take your time and let the blades do the work. or you could lay it out on a sheet and just pick it up in the sheet when rain is forecast and pop it out afterwards. Hay feeders can be constructed from wood or metal and even a combination of materials. Choosing the right tines Tedders use a rotary motion to grab the hay with spinning tines and cast it out the back of the machine. . A windrower may be all right, but when cutting a thicker and taller crop like barley or oats, a swather is built for the heavier tonnage you will be getting off cropland than you would a perennial forage stand, usually. It dried fast because there was not much bulk there anyway and it did not have those heavier stems of red clover or alfalfa (which the animals don’t much like anyway) that dry only slowly unless run through a crimper. TX45 Compact Drum Mower by Ibex. how to build a hay mower

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